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About Us

Aertson Midtown is proudly owned and managed by Buckingham. At Buckingham, one of our core values is community involvement. We strive to make our properties and surrounding communities a better place to live and work every day. Learn a little more about our companies, the impact we make on our surrounding community and how we go beyond typical philanthropy to open doors that create positive change. 

As a real estate development, construction and management company with over 30 years of experience, Buckingham Companies takes a custom approach to all of our projects, big or small. Through expertise, research, and inspired design we create a personalized experience for residents and guests. It's more than just development, construction and property management to our team; it's about creating a superior environment to live, stay or play. At Buckingham, an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and passion blend with unparalleled industry expertise and management systems to deliver exceptional results. Our people drive our success. We strive to never settle. That’s what makes us Buckingham.

Learn more about Buckingham at Buckingham.com

We work hard to improve lives and build communities. That’s why we founded Buckingham Foundation. We focus on creating positive change in the areas of affordable housing, community development, childhood hunger and the arts. Our team members care about the communities in which they work and the numbers prove it. Buckingham employees annually volunteer more than 6,000 hours of time and talent, and also contribute to Buckingham Foundation, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting over 200 different organizations. Numbers and statistics are intricate to our business as real estate professionals, and these are the numbers that we’re most proud of each year.  

Learn more about Buckingham Foundation or contribute to our cause at BuckinghamFoundationInc.org.

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