Aertson Midtown Team Goes Local with Nashville Fashion

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Written By: Cara Jackson 

Having lived in Nashville for over nine years, I’m constantly amazed (and pleased) by the level of support the residents of this city offer each other. I work with several fashion designers and makers, so I’ve seen it firsthand within their industries. It’s a beautiful thing. And I know for a fact it’s one trait that makes our city unique.


The team at Aertson Midtown expressed an interest in curating a wardrobe for their staff that is comprised of pieces from local designers and asked for my help in doing so. I’m excited to share with you what I selected for the team and how you can get the same pieces for yourself!


Nashville style isn’t the jeans and cowboy boots that the rest of the country seems to expect from us (though, you can certainly find that here). Instead, it’s an eclectic mix of everything from boho to minimalist to edgy, and the designers making their mark here range from Nashville natives to transplants from New York and Los Angeles. The Aertson team and myself selected a few initial pieces to jumpstart their staff’s local wardrobe. Check it out!


Hunker Bag Co.



The first piece we selected was the Hunker Bag Co.’s Mail Pouch. It’s a great, everyday bag with just the right amount of polish and durability. The Hunker Bag Co. designer, Denton Hunker, sources high quality leather, Martexin waxed canvas, and brass hardware for his creations, producing them by hand in small batches at his Nashville studio. Hunker does more than design bags and accessories, in a cool twist, he’s also the drummer for Green River Ordinance.


Jamie + the Jones



A staple piece for many Nashville gals is Jamie + the Jones’ silk pocket box top. It comes in a beautiful range of colors and is the softest, most durable, raw silk. For a female-dominated staff, this piece was a no-brainer for the Aertson team. Jamie Frazier and Hannah Jones, the creative minds behind J+TJ, design and produce their garments in their Nashville studio and are known for incorporating traditional textile techniques like fabric marbling and dyeing into their pieces.


Sevier Skirts



A Sevier Skirt was another must-have for the Aertson team’s wardrobe. With a focus on fit and beautiful fabrics, Suzanne Sevier Rowland has been offering custom, made-to-order skirts through her company, Sevier Skirts, since 2004. Her skirt styles are timeless silhouettes, and Suzanne allows you to select from a massive number of fabric options that range from funky to classic. These skirts are garments that you buy and wear forever.


Black by Maria Silver



For a piece with some extra pop, we looked to Maria “Poni” Silver, designer of Black by Maria Silver. I am in love with her Florine Blouse, and the Aertson team is too. Poni’s designs are glamorous with a streetwear influence that is inspired by her years on the road as a drummer and founding member of the rock band, The Ettes. Her garments are produced ethically and in small batches in Nashville.


Need more fashion inspiration? Follow me on Twitter to stay informed on all the necessary Nashville trends. This list is only the start of the Aertson team’s local wardrobe, and I’m excited about the pieces that we’ll continue to add over the next few months. Know something we should add to the list? Comment below and we’ll be sure to look into it next time!

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